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Our day in Jerusalem

I am humbled as I write this.

Our journey today began at the western wall. You might wonder why people pray there
The wall itself was not the wall of the temple but rather the western wall of the temple mount. The temple mount today actually houses the Dome of the rock mosque on the approximate location where the Jewish temple used to stand.
The Jews pray there as it is the closest easily accessible point to the previous holy of holys. We stopped there and prayed  prayed then took the “tunnel tour.”
Tunnel tour us incredible you ate taken under the city in a path along the western wall. The immensity of the wall can’t be described. The portion above the ground reflects maybe a 3rd of its height in Jesus day.
The city was destroyed by Romans under the rule of an evil guy named adrian who destroyed everything. Tried to level the entire place to the ground. The rumble is literally holding up the city so to speak. The city in Jesus day was 10 to 30 ft lower than it is today. They built right over the destruction. The tour shows excavation points where u can better grasp the depth. A highlight was that there is one point where you are at the closest point to the old temple. Some ladies are kissing the wall and praying.
From there  my feet walked where Jesus walked. Mary Jo and I went to the church that is located in what was the garden of gethsemane. They built the church at the foot of the mount of olives and it’s altar sits atop a rock where Jesus is said to have prayed and wept on the night of his betrayal by Judas.

The spot overlooks the eastern wall of jerusalem and sits below the place where Jesus ascended into heaven and will one day return.
There is a great sense of reverence. I could envision him crying out and interceding for the people of that great city. The temple sitting right before him.
From there we walked through the lion gate. Very possibly the one Jesus was led through by the soldiers as it goes straight to the via de la Rosa where Pilate’s place and the seat of government for the Romans was located.
We saw the place he was tried and the place where Pilate washed his hands. We saw the place where he was scourged. A church protects the location. At your feet are stones that Jesus may have walked and bled on. Roman games are literally carved into the stones on the floor where they may have cast lots for his clothing.
From there his path is uncertain done say the journey takes Jesus to the cross at a catholic church called the church of the sepulcher, Protestants believe he went a slightly different direction to an area called the garden tomb.
Both directions are awe inspiring and faith building.
In His Service,
Eric C Jaf

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